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20 May 2011 @ 11:14 pm
Nintendo of Japan's official "Uprising" website  
Nintendo of Japan has launched their official "Kid Icarus: Uprising" website. Since I am not fluent in Japanese, there is little to say on my end other than enjoy the still neat (and dated) videos within.

Link: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/3ds/akdj/index.html

However, Andriasang.com translated the pages available and offered several interesting tidbits for English readers:

The site currently has a set of movies, all old. You'll find the game's E3 2010 debut trailer, the tutorial video producer Masahiro Sakurai made for January's Nintendo World event, and a video of Sakurai's Nintendo World stage event.

Also at the site are details on a unique promotion that Sakurai first announced at Nintendo world. Nintendo is recruiting Miis to build a float that will appear in Goshogawara's Tachineputa festival this August. The float will contain the Miis, main character Pit, and the goddess Partena.

For participation instructions, see this page. The procedure basically involves going into Mii Studio and saving your Mii portrait to SD, then sending it to a form that's accessible at the page.

The Kida Icarus official site lists the general 2011 release time period we've known all along. But with the site now open, perhaps the release won't be too far off.
Link: http://www.andriasang.com/e/blog/2011/05/20/kid_icarus_site/

Hopefully, the English version will appear before too long. Whenever Nintendo of America does so, I'll update. Special thanks to the Uprisen blog and ZeldaInformer.com for the two links.
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